Medical Advice from UK Qualified Professionals

UVB Medical Treatment Advice from UK Qualified Professionals

We are a leading UK healthcare company having years of experience with qualified professionals, ready to advise you on the correct uvb narrowband home treatment practice...

We are just a chat away for you to fully avail of our healthcare experience with our professional Pharmacy & Food Science & Nutrition team.  We offer fully qualified free on-going advice throughout your uvb narrowband home phototherapy treatment combined with our top leading uvb narrowband brands from our UK & European Producers in precise 100% UVB Narrowband Lamps. 

We will guide you in the right direction to clearing psoriasis in a matter of days...  

Don’t Waste...
precious time with the wrong treatment or treatment plan
Ensure Leading Top Quality & New UVB Narrowband Lamps...
are from an approved healthcare company
Qualified Health Professional Advice in UVB Narrowband Lamps...
advice on accurate treatment for the keenest price
Just-In-Time (JIT) Delivery in UVB Narrowband Lamps...
directly to your doorstep within 2-3 days
Protect Against Unqualified Trading in UVB Narrowband Lamps..?
resulting in over inflated prices e.g. sunbed ex-hire tube units
Ensure Against  Poor Quality Tubes in UVB Narrowband Lamps..?
Tubes without the seal of approval and not of the highest hospital spec of 100% UVB Narrowband
Avoid Risk of Poor Delivery Times in UVB Narrowband Lamps..?
can be a result of outside the EU imports from others offering slow/no delivery times i.e. 2-3 weeks/months
Call 028 8774 6666 or Live Chat our UVB Narrowband Team...
to answer your query in seconds
Free Fully Qualified Advice in UVB Narrowband Lamps...
experienced health professionals
Quick, Secure Ordering in UVB Narrowband Lamps...
superfast delivery in 2 days with our top leading UVB Narrowband Lamps from UK & EU Producers


 A friendly professional team qualified in pharmacy, food science & nutrition to answer your uvb narrowband treatment questions

 Working in partnership with market leaders such as PHILIPS for UVB Narrowband TL01, 311nm

 Providing quality leading brand names such as PHILIPS, you can count on the best & newest tubes

 Our producer status provides you with complete hospital spec UVB Narrowband lamps at discount price

 Saving you valuable time & money in eliminating the search for more expensive and perhaps old lamps 

 We offer you savings by supplying wholesale direct to your doorstep in 24-48hrs

 We can mass supply and provide a knock down price for the home-user of UVB Narrowband 311nm

 Always remember, that effective psoriasis treatment equates to brand new UVB Narrowband lamps

 Our Top Brands e.g. PHILIPS with minimum side effects like redness, itching and burns

 Providers and distributors of leading UVB Narrowband 311nm lamps such as PHILIPS

 Holistic suppliers of all leading hospital spec, complete 311nm UVB Narrowband lamps

 Minimum side effects like redness, itching and burns

 Shorter period of exposure and less erythemal radiation than conventional UVB lamps

 Optimal therapeutic effect with minimum side effects, less discomfort

 Proven to be most effective on the skin

 Choose only brand new lamps with leading UK supplier, wholesale prices without the middle-man


Confidence counts

Continuing to consistently provide brand new tubes like Philips UVB Narrowband phototherapy lamps to ensure

patients have an effective treatment with minimum discomfort. Don’t settle for less, but insist on our top brands

The fastest delivery service, best priced & most effective home UVB Narrowband treatment in the UK  

 Approved UK & European Supplier for all leading hospital spec. UVB Narrowband 311nm Brands

 We can offer you a no obligation quote now, so contact us for more information.

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